3 December 2023
Scooter rider struck, killed by MTA bus in downtown Baltimore
3600 Bl. of Bladensburg Rd. N.E. @DCPoliceDept on scene investigating an auto collision with two adult males pronounced dead. Major Crash is investigating. Two dead yall stop all that racing
Four people died in a three-vehicle crash in Carroll County, Maryland, Saturday afternoon. Police said the 72-year-old driver, Charles Black III, was killed. Two passengers were also pronounced dead at the scene. They were identified as Barbara Black, 69 and Debbie Hill, 63.
SHOOTING-- 5400 blk St. Barnabas Rd. One man shot another supposedly after being booted from the club. Injuries sound non-life-threatening
4 week ago
Four people died in a car crash in Carroll County on Saturday
4 week ago
CITIZEN ROBBED IN BOWIE, MD: 3500 Bl. of Crain Hwy. Bowie, MD. @BowiePDNews on scene investigating an armed robbery with a citizen having their possessions taken by 3 individuals armed with guns
A Baltimore Police officer was struck by a vehicle and injured while responding to a shooting on Saturday
4 week ago
AUTO COLLISION W/OVERTURN: S. Dakota Ave. and New York Ave. N.E. DCFD on scene of a two vehicle collision with one overturned. No entrapment and one occupant from each vehicle being evaluated for injuries
CARJACKING IN BLADENSBURG, MD: 5800 Bl. of Annapolis Rd. Bladensburg, MD. @BladensburgPD on scene investigating a carjacking with a vehicle owner having their 2022 Hyundai Accent taken multiple juveniles. Unknown if a weapon was produced.
ARMED SUSPECTS FLEE FROM POLICE: two suspects fled on foot at Eastern Ave and Walnut St after an unmarked unit spotted them crossing the street with handguns. They fled on foot up towards Sandy Spring Rd NW; MPD and Takoma Park PD are searching.
1 month ago
SHOOTING IN LAUREL, MD: 900 Bl. of 4th St. Laurel, MD. @LaurelPD on scene investigating a shooting with one individual with a gunshot wound to the hand, thru and thru. Enroute to a local trauma center
Around 95 firefighters respond to fire at Rockville strip mall on Thursday
687 Lofstrand La, Suite(s) R/S, Soto Leeson Linen Service and Motor Works, Inc; Origin/Cause, fire cause under investigation, appears accidental and likely originated in a linen cleaning area of a laundry; Damage estimated ~$2.75M; significant structural damage, no injury
- Rockville 2-Alarm building fire is under control, no injuries
@MontgomeryCoMD (~515a) Lofstrand Lane, commercial building fire, fire is under control, @mcfrs FFs encountered significant fire upon arrivalAerial photos/video of Rockville building fire at 687 Lofstrand Ln
600blk Lofstrand Lane, Rockville, commercial building(s), Soto Leeson Laundry Service, Motor Work, Inc, 2-Alarm, fire under control, still working some hotspots, significant damage, no injuries, (it appears, as though fire had burned for a while before discovery)
8200 Fenton St. near Thayer Avenue, Fenton Silver Spring apartments, smoke alarm activation and odor, no fire evident, @mcfrs PE701 on scene
(~2a) 19400 Transhire Rd., Montgomery, Village, smoke in kitchen, no fire evident, @mcfrs PE708. AT708 on scene
ANOTHER ARMED CARJACKING IN P.G. COUNTY Near Sam's Car Wash Branch Ave.and Curtis Dr. Hillcrest Hts, MD. @PGPDNews on scene investigating an armed carjacking with an individual having their Toyota Camry taken by two individuals with atleast one armed with a gun
ANOTHER ARMED CARJACKING AT BP GAS: 3200 Bl. of Walters Ln. Forestville, MD. @PGPDNews on scene investigating an armed carjacking with an individual having their Hyundai Elentra taken by an individual armed with a gun
Police Activity - Units on scene of a suspicious death in the 500 block of Retreat Court in Odenton.
A 23-year-old man is in custody after he forced his way into a Rockville, Md. home during a robbery Tuesday night, according to Rockville City police.
CITIZEN ROBBED IN FAIRMONT HTS, MD. 5600 Bl. of J St. Fairmont Hts, MD. Fairmont Hts PD on scene investigating an armed robbery with a citizen having their Cell Phone and Wallet with cash taken by an individual armed with a gun
TRUIST BANK ROBBED IN POTOMAC, MD. 9800 Bl. of Falls Rd. Potomac, MD. @mcpnews on scene investigating an armed bank robbery. One individual walked into the bank and demanded money, it is unknown how much that person got away with
ARMED BANK ROBBERY-- 9812 Falls Rd off River Rd in Potomac. Gunman robbed bank and fled on foot
16-year-old boy dies after being found unresponsive lying in a street, say Baltimore Police
Frederick City - Frederick Health (ER) - Male walked in with multiple stab wounds to the back who was stabbed at a local bus stop. L/O for 1 male and 2 female. Victim is alert and talking
1 month ago
The Baltimore County Courthouse was evacuated amid a hazmat response, SkyTeam 11 reports. The material was tested and no hazard was found, officials tell
1 month ago
Courthouse evacuated amid hazmat response
6000 Bl. of Marlboro Pk. District Hts, MD. @PGPDNews on scene investigating an armed robbery with an individual armed with a gun walking into the store and taking an unknown amount of cash