3 December 2023
D Location - R/O 4200blk Muncaster Mill Road, brush fire citizen using garden hose, @mcfrs PE740 , PE721, C704B will handle
8 month ago
IAO Thistle Bridge Drive & Holly Ridge Rd.,, The Preserve, smoke in the area, dispatched as possible house fire, @mcfrs PE740, PE725, PE718, PE721, PE704, AT740, T725, RS742, A725, BC702, BC704 responded
A grand jury has added vehicular manslaughter charges to the case against a man who allegedly fled police and crashed a stolen car into a building on North Avenue, killing 54-year-old Alfred Fincher
Keystone Avenue and South Brook La, collision, involves pedestrian, @mcfrs ALS741, M726, RS741B, EMS702 responding
Police Investigating Early Morning Shooting In Baltimore
8 month ago
Durban Road and Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda, small brush, fire along fence
9800blk Arbor Hill Drive near Hedin Drive, Oakview, brush fire between two (2) homes, encroaching one house, @mcfrs PE716, PE719, AT719 responding
Baltimore City police have identified the woman found stuffed inside a container in the 3900 block of Liberty Heights Avenue on March 7 as 75-year-old Versey Spell
Assistant Fire Chief Roman Clark told 11 News on Saturday that four people were trapped around 2:30 a.m. Saturday on the second floor of a rowhome in the 3000 block of Brighton Street
(~2a) 8750 Georgia Av, The Arrive, odor of smoke, @mcfrs PE701, AT719, PE719, E754B, PE716, PE702, T716, PAT718, RS742, A701, BC701, BC702, SA700 & others responded, FFs located burnt food (microwave) no fire evident, no injuries
ARRIVE SILVER SPRING CLOSE CALL: 8700 block of Georgia Ave in downtown Silver Spring- building was evacuated but all that was found was smoke coming from a microwave. All police & fire activity now cleared. This comes after a fatal fire a few weeks ago
Sgt. Thomas Twiname, a spokesperson with the U.S. Park Police, said during a press conference Saturday afternoon, that the incident happened in the 300 block of 36th Street NE around 8:50 a.m
A Millersville man accused of pointing a gun at another driver Saturday morning in an alleged road rage incident faces charges, police said
10600 Pinedale Dr. near Huntwood Dr, IAO Route 29 and Lockwood Drive, White Oak, brush fire, @mcfrs PE716, BC701, B724, B715, B705, E705, UTV742, PE712, BUTV708, CT705 on scene
The fire broke out in the 3000 block of Brighton Street around 2 a.m. on Saturday
Fire 1900 blk W Pratt St 21223 Carrollton Ridge BMORESBravest on scene with fire showing from a 3 story mixed use building
Cover is accused a pointing a gun at another driver, according to police
March 20, 2023: Canela is back with her family. Prelim: someone recently dropped off the dog at a pet store on Donnell Drive. An employee contacted police. Investigation into theft continues. Thank you all for sharing this story
8 month ago
OL I495 beltway between Connecticut Avenue and Rockville Pike, before Rockville Pike, collision, involves tractor trailer, @mcfrs M741D, T716, PE707, A751, E750 responding
8 month ago
Police are investigating a shooting that happened Saturday night in the 700 block of Dennis Street
Layhill Road and Bel Pre Road, collision, @mcfrs A742, RS742, T725, E718, BC704 responding and on scene, some lanes blocked
1300blk Rockville Pike near Templeton Pl, IFO Tesla, collision, involves pedestrian, @mcfrs M723, AT723 responding, some lanes blocked
Amhurst Avenue and University Boulevard West, collision, @mcfrs PAT718, A742B, A721 responding, some lanes blocked
8 month ago
SB I270 between Shady Grove Road and Route 28 IAO prior to Exit 6, HOV/Express Lane, collision with rollover, @mcfrs M708, T731, PE732, A708B, PE708, RS729 responding
Baltimore City police are investigating a shooting in Fells Point where they said a security guard shot a man
A woman was killed when she left the scene of a three-car crash Saturday night, jumped over the concrete wall and ran into oncoming traffic and was struck on I-695 in Anne Arundel County, police said
Homicide SHOOTING: 6200 Bl. of Alpine St. District Hts, MD. @PGPDNews on scene investigating a shooting with an adult male pronounced dead on scene from gunshot wound injuries
Anne Arundel County Police say a detective has been arrested & charged with driving under the influence after crashing into a sign in Severna Park on Friday night
Police say 20-year-old Breon Traquan Ennis was killed in the 2300 block of East Northern Parkway on March 16
8 month ago
The 1000 block of Hill Road will be temporarily closed in both lanes. Please follow police directions